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Bink Holland cultivates, stores and trades garlic planting material, nationally and internationally. Marc Knipscheer and Karin Perdaems have more than 10 years of experience in cultivating garlic. We have been registered with Naktuinbouw (The Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture) since 2002, reg.nr 32957.
We grow our garlic sets with the utmost care and devotion. We want to pay a valuable contribution to your garlic growing through our garlic sets. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requirements.
The garlic sets, which are chiefly destined for the wholesale trade, are inspected and classified by Nak-tuinbouw inspectors.
On the rich clay soils of the Province of Flevoland, Bink Holland has various fields set aside for cultivation, varying from light to heavy clay soil.
At our head office in Lelystad, the garlic sets are graded, dried and put into storage. From the end of August the garlic sets are supplied with a NAK label. Bink Holland is the major cultivation company of Dutch garlic sets.

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