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Garlic for the industrial sector

Garlic is highly suitable for use in the food industry. Garlic is cultivated all over the world. Our garlic grown in Flevoland stands out by virtue of its intense flavour and aroma. Our Dutch cultivation methods result in reliable deliveries of a fully traceable product.
The quality of our garlic grown in Flevoland guarantees excellent flavour and many healthy food components. For the properties of flavour and aroma, our garlic is demonstrably superior to the widely used Chinese cultivars.
We process fresh garlic into a paste which can be used in various ways. We can also supply you with bulbs or loose cloves, either fresh or dried.
We also supply to VNK-Herbs in Biddinghuizen, a company that has specialised in herbs for more than 50 years.
Please do not hesitate to contact us about the application of (organic) garlic in your products.