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About us

We, Marc and Karin, were both born and bred on a farm. We grew up surrounded by crops such as potatoes, onions, cereal crops, peas, parsley and sugar beet from an early age. At agricultural college this knowledge was expanded on. During work experience abroad we gained first hand experience of many unknown crops and cultivation practices.
In 1991 we joined our parent's company as young professionals. (See current arable farm). In 1998 we embarked on the new and exciting challenge of garlic growing.
Over the years we have developed a method of cultivation that is suitable for the Dutch climate. Our professional attention for the crop has resulted in:
  • Expertise, in dealing with pests and diseases.
  • Top selection and locations, which ensure a virus free product of class A or AA.
  • The rich clay soil produces quality, vigour and a crop bursting with vitality.
  • Suitable mechanisation; lifting, grading, storing and packing the vulnerable garlic bulbs with greatest care.
We put our heart and soul into growing garlic. Ambition, innovation and passion are essential in being able to supply you with premium quality garlic. This is the guarantee that Bink Holland stands for.